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A recent proclaimation for the town of Section sums up the natural and human resources of the town. Click here for the entire article.

Above:Section PACERS students write and record --"Section! Section! Section!" Mayor Bob Matthews proclaims it the official song of Section, Al. Pictured left to right--
Gage Little, Logan Short, Frances Haynes, Ivie Atchley, Pacey Carson, Mayor Bob Matthews, Harley Carson, Ethan Fossett, Avery Fairbanks, not pictured, Travis Gentry, Tammy Haynes, Larry Long, Sherry Hancock, Alex Morton, Lena Cordell.

City of Section Receives Gift of Spectacular Property for Park

A quarter-century ago, a young Georgia man living in Etowah County fell in love with motorcycles. He was taking a relaxing moment to overlook the breathtaking view below him on a ride through Section, one of many he would make in his life. The Chief of Police pulled in to chat about the incredible scene below them before they both departed to resume thier regular lives, lives that would diverge and then come together again over almost the same place.

The two recently met again. The rider went on to become the head of a successful venture capital firm. The Chief of Police eventually became the town's mayor. The gift of breathtaking bluff property fulfills a dream for both. MORE>

Mayor Bob Matthews ponders the future of the Section's newly-acquired bluff property, a gift from Scott and Patty Weathington.

The Town of Section, in partnership with Auburn University, has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) to research and develop a plan for sustainable growth. ARC is supporting this project as part of its goal to develop and improve Appalachia’s infrastructure to make this region economically competitive.

Landscape Architecture Professors from the Auburn University College of Architecture, Design and Construction, Michael Robinson and David Hill, will be the grant’s principal investigators.

They will be working closely with the Town of Section in a participatory process to draft a zoning ordinance; develop a sustainable rural design plan, identify cultural, recreational, architectural and business projects that will form an identifiable anchor for the community’s progress; and develop a brand for the community. As a result, the Town of Section will be able to create more and higher paying jobs, develop a larger tax base, and create a more diversified and resilient economy while conserving its cultural heritage and traditions.

“We are looking forward to working with the Town of Section to create
a sustainable framework for its impending growth,” says Michael Robinson, R. Hugh Daniel Professor of Real Estate Development at Auburn University.

Section Mayor Bob Matthews and Auburn University School of Landscape Arhitecture Professor Michael Robinson meet in Section Town Hall to discuss a schedule to carry out the projects outlined under the city’s recent grant from the Appalacian Regional Commission.